SXSW 2010 Blog: Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells

Steve Shiltz of Hurricane Bells has survived SXSW week and sent The Alternate Side his "bloggy doggy" of his adventures in Austin. Hurricane Bells' new album is Tonight is the Ghost and Steve launches a tour with Blue October in April.

TAS In Session: Hurricane Bells

Longwave's singer and guitarist Steve Schiltz takes off with his side project, Hurricane Bells. He recently visited The Alternate Side for an interview and exclusive live performance (video after the jump), plus he'll be a guest DJ on Alisa Ali's show on Monday, December 28 at 11 am EDT.

Fresh Cuts On The TAS Playlist: The Cribs, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Animal Collective And More

What new songs have we added this week to The Alternate Side? Tracks from released and upcoming albums from The Cribs, Animal Collective, Hurricane Bells, Charlotte Gainsbourg (with Beck) and more.

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