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September Girls: SXSW 2014 Blog

Big Star fans September Girls, a spirited, rambunctious Irish quintet with a knack for fuzzed-out, ebullient punk pop, recently released their perfectly-christened debut, Cursing the Sea, on the Fortuna Pop! label.

The five bandmates—Paula Cullen, Caoimhe Derwin, Sarah Grimes, Lauren Kerchner and Jessie Ward—left Dublin to tackle SXSW last week for a batch of showcases. Sarah, September Girls' drummer, blogged for The Alternate Side about a heady few days of Austin bliss, from catching Debbie Harry sing with Dum Dum Girls to a very close encounter with Jarvis Cocker.

Read Sarah's blog and check out a video to September Girls' single, "Heartbeats," below.

Sarah Grimes of September Girls' SXSW 2014 Blog

On arrival, we were picked up by our wonderful hosts Ashley and Tina and their amazing dog Gremlin—who we all fell in love with over the course of the week.

This soon became our favorite choice of drink ...

Although we really enjoyed all of our gigs, I have to give a special mention to Orlando and Michael at Music For Listeners. We played at their event at El Sapo, that gig was pretty special: half indoors, half outdoors, great weather, it was nice to look up and see people sing along to every word of our songs. Unfortunately we couldn't stick around afterwards as we had to rush to another gig, but, the guys gave us all the most delicious burgers to take with us to eat on our bus ride across town!

On our second day at SXSW we headed to Spotify house to check what was on there, we mixed up our times thinking Dum Dum Girls were on later that evening so it was a nice surprise when they started playing as we arrived. Even more of a surprise when Debbie Harry joined them on stage for their last song. They played "Dreaming," which is one of Caoimhe's favorite Blondie songs; she got a bit emotional!

And then this happened! Common People....

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