Team Me

Team Me: SXSW 2014 Blog

The feisty and fun Norwegian band Team Me won the Spellemannprisen —Norway's version of the Grammy— as best pop group of 2011. They're gearing up for their second album, releasing its first single, "F for Faker," in February, and will play in New York tonight (Mercury Lounge) and tomorrow, March 18 (Glasslands Gallery).  Why not celebrate St. Patrick's Day by seeing a Norwegian band?

Wondering how Team Me— Simen, Simen, Uno, Marius, Bjarne and Elida—would fare in Austin during last week's very non-Nordic SXSW madness, The Alternate Side asked the sextet if they'd keep a blog of their "favorite"  festival moments.

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Team Me's SXSW 2014 Blog:

Favorite venue: Our show at Maggie Mae´s was really busy. And we got free beer. Happy band.

Favorite hangout: Life is good when you have a pool at your hotel. We should have brought our Speedos.

Favorite Norwegian band: Nineteen Norwegian bands made it to SXSW this year. Dråpe is our favorite. Check them out.

Favorite food spot: We like pizza. We like Death Metal. We love Death Metal Pizza.


Favorite moment: When the bassist from Incubus came to see our show at Lucille and joined in on vocals on our last song.

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