Fenster (courtesy of artist, photo by S. Urzendowsky/ J. Alsleben)

Fenster: SXSW 2014 Blog

The New York/Berlin quartet Fenster just released its delicately-crafted, lo-fi second album, The Pink Caves, earlier this month on Morr Music and brought their gentle new songs to noisy Austin for SXSW.

Although Fenster makes beautifully spare music—the vocal interplay between J.J. Weihl and Jonathan Jarzy is sublime (watch the video below)—that doesn't mean they are incapable of having a somewhat rowdy time (well, some drinks, some cider and brazen blonding), as Weihl, a native New Yorker, proved when she blogged about the band's SXSW adventures for The Alternate Side. 

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J.J. Weihl of Fensster: SXSW blog:

Bloody Marys for breakfast! A dimly lit chill early afternoon show at the Parish for the Audiofemme showcase.

Lucas caught in the headlights of our robot car's reverse camera after our showcase at the German Haus.

FREE STUFF...Fenster zombies possessed by the free corporate giveaways! Our eyes say it all.

Hypnotized by the sensual touch of Sean Nicholas Savage.

Getting carried away in Anton's hotel room...TEXAS MAKES YOU BLONDE.

Exploring the outskirts of the festival we ventured up to Arturo's Bakery for free beer and free music! Our good friend Fat History Month from Boston was playing solo.

Finally, escaping from the madness of downtown, we find our beautiful friend Anna playing piano and accordion and singing her heart out in her converted camper/home and serving up some delicious hot cider in between songs.

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