Jonquil: SXSW 2012 Blog

British indie-popsters Jonquil arrived in Austin from the slightly more tranquil environs of Oxford for a dual purpose; not only has the band just released a new album, Point of Go, on Dovecote Records, but frontman Hugo Manuel also has his own excellent solo endeavor, Chad Valley.

Gigs galore for both Jonquil and Chad Valley ensued in Austin and Jonquil will also stick around Stateside for a while; the band kicks off a US tour tomorrow, March 19, in Atlanta, heading to Brooklyn's Glasslands for an April 2 show.

The Alternate Side asked Jonquil if they'd blog about their SXSW experience for us and bassist/trumpeter Sam Scott sent on some carb-fueled observations (and a cry for decent brioche):

Jonquil SXSW blog:

Heathrow was a surprisingly delicious sausage cassoulet and a nice wedge of buttery brown bread, strong coffees and the last smoke for 20 hours. Good old boy.

The Atlantic Ocean was a d**k:  bad films, twiddling thumbs having forgotten a book, no power point and a rank brioche based pizza with flecks of pretend pepper on.

Dallas/Fort Worth offered us panic about the boy Duncan’s visa, acceptable Mexican food and the best frozen margaritas so far; I spilled mine, half of it gone and it was replaced for nothing, clean.

And to Austin. First night we were spent and drank one Samuel Adams each, then shut that s**t down. Woke up early and ate IHOP pancakes for breakfast; mixed reviews here, those initiated to the sweet/savoury/eggy vision enjoyed it and the rest considered it a whole hearted rip off.

The shows (first at Brew Exchange and second at Firehouse Hostel) were good fun, if a little marred by bull s**t sound and slim pickings, but it was excellent to see the Dovecote faces, as we weren’t expecting them.

The main event of the day was Iron Works Barbecue where we ate ribs as big as lady’s forearms and brisket so tender you could practically drink it down. A failed search for a good margarita ensued which sent us back to the hotel and into the pool for the evening where risk of cramp, beers and swimming races closed our day. A good one.

Sam Scott

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