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After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, the Portland, Oregon, duo of AU — Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka — will finally release their gritty, gorgeous and heart-accelerating third album, Both Lights, via Hometapes/The Leaf Label on April 3.

The pair, who launch a tour on March 18 in Wichita, Kansas and will play Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery on March 29, are in the thick of the SXSW scrum at the moment, with a very busy three-gig day today, March 16, with shows at the Terroreyes Day Party (Music Makers, 4:45 p.m. CT), STOUH By SMES Shout 2 (21st Street Co-Op, 8:45 p.m. CT) and the Redefine Magazine Party (House of Commons, 10:45 p.m.). The Alternate Side asked if AU could blog about their Austin walkabout thus far and Wyland kindly obliged:

So to begin our initiation into the mess that is SXSW, we decided to play a show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the night before with our friends Deerhoof and then drive overnight the 12 hours to get to Austin for our first two shows. I highly recommend not doing this in the future.

Santa Fe to Austin consists of too many road changes, that all pass through small towns, resulting in going frequently from 75 mph to 35 mph. Not fun when your eyes are glued open from too much caffeine and you just want to be the machine that you've turned yourself into and just go-go-go. Needless to say, the entire first day of SXSW was a delirious mess, all smeared with a layer of balmy heat that pushed our frazzled state into an insect-like delirium.

First stop was the Force FieldPR/Terrorbird Day Party which consisted of us all drinking more free coconut water than I have ever been blessed with the opportunity to have — and the sweatiest indoor show we've played in a long time. Dana's backlined drumkit fell to pieces (he gracefully changed things out mid song, bravo). Then [we were] off to quickly drop some things at a friend's house before running to our next show for the KVRX Party at the Spiderhouse. At this state, all of the caffeine in the world couldn't have kept us from feeling like little piles of sawdust. The show, however, was ecstatic and left us feeling revived and thankful for putting ourselves through such absurdity.

12 hours of sleep later and we're about to head out to take in Day 2.

Luke Wyland

Remaining SXSW dates:
Fri, 03/16 - Terroreyes Day Party - Music Makers - 4:45 PM
Fri, 03/16 - STOUH BY SMES SHOUT 2 - 21st St Oc-Po - 8:45 PM
Fri, 03/16 - Redefine Magazine Party - House of Commons - 10:30 PM
Sat, 03/17 - Hometapes / Friend Island - Papi Tino's Backyard - 1306 E. 6th St. - 4:00 PM


Here's us watching our dear friends, Dark Dark Dark at the Frontier Bar.



Feels Like Home Ep 44 - AU "Solid Gold" from Into The Woods on Vimeo.

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