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Brooklyn's Spanish Prisoners have taken a detour from their current tour to dip into chaos of SXSW and, thanks to frontman Leo Maymind, they'll be spilling all (well, some) of their Austin secrets via a blog for The Alternate Side. The Bushwick quartet, who recently released their dreamily handsome, self-released debut album Gold Fools, are slated to play the Paper Garden Records and My Old Kentucky Blog showcase at Uncorked Tasting Room an Wine Bar today, March 15, at 5:15 p.m. CT with three more gigs to follow Friday and Saturday. In addition, check out their cheeky "Vantasy" Kickstarter campaign to record a song a day in their van while on tour with Snowmine, Real Estate, Youth Lagoon and other bands.

Hello! My name is Leo, from the Brooklyn band Spanish Prisoners and we're embarking on our first ever visit to Austin's SXSW festival.

The amount of talk I've heard about both the town and fest from friends, bands, and anyone associated with music could fill, well, a very small corner of the internet. However, the hyperbole associated with SXSW makes it sound like a legendary event. We've been on the road now for about a week, so after settling in at our gracious host's wonderful home north of downtown (thanks Jamie and Becca!) we made our way into the belly of the beast.

We arrived Wednesday, and things seemed to already be in full swing. Downtown Austin seemed to be the adult equivalent of a college campus — flashing neon lights from every crevice, drink specials emanating from every corner.

Foolishly we didn't RSVP for any events in advance and almost every show we tried to go to either had a huge line or was at capacity. Hopefully this is not the precedent for the rest of the week. Attempts to meet up with friends were similarly futile, amazingly because we were on the same street and probably the same block. However we cut our losses and instead we chose to walk around a bit on the outskirts of downtown, ending up in a fairly empty coffeehouse. We ended the night early in preparation for what is sure to be an exhausting few days.

Till tomorrow! [ed. note: read Day Two of Leo's blog here]

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