Metallica And Lou Reed Stream 'Lulu'

While it might not rival Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music in sheer audacity, noise and head-scratching aim, the abrasive collaboration between Metallica and Reed, Lulu, is streaming now for those who wish to weigh in on the album's merits before its official release date on November 1 on Universal Music (and October 31 worldwide).

According to Reed and Metallica's site, the concept album is inspired by playwright Frank Wedekind's Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box, about a young, abused dancer.

Fans or the curious can check out the album, with tracks entitled "Pumping Blood" and "Iced Honey," on the Lulu website here.

Good luck. Despite everything, we still love you, Lou Reed. As for James Hetfield, shouting "I am the tablet," maybe not so much.

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