Deerhunter Find An Artful Way To Announce Fourth Album, Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter have found an artistic way to announce the September release of their fourth album, Halcyon Digest, via a website and downloadable flyer. If fans help spread word of the album's imminent release, they'll hear the first single and receive an exclusive track not on the upcoming album in the next few weeks.

If you head to their website and commence clicking on the links, you'll eventually end up with the flyer (below) which gives the date of Halcyon Digest's release as September 28 on 4AD.

Bradford Cox designed the flyer and asks fans to print it out, photocopy it, and in street art fashion, post it on their dorm room wall, at their office, at an indie record shops or wherever (not illegally like an ersatz Shepard Fairey, of course, but asking permission before whipping out a roll of tape and posting the flyer anywhere). Deerhunter enthusiasts who then take photos of their handiwork and submit them to will not only see their photos possibly posted on the site, but will also receive an email with an exclusive, non-album track and a link to hear the first single from the record.

While it might sound like a lot of work, Cox has his reasoning for this interactive arts and crafts project, saying in a press release that he has "always being fascinated with the ephemera of 70's-80's artrock in record stores like Wuxtry in Athens where I hung out as a kid or Wax 'N Facts in Atlanta."

Cox continues: "You'd see a photocopied faded B-52's flyer next to a poster for Lou Reed or XTC. It was like an artpunk scrapbook on those walls. It made my head spin. Who are these people? Who are the f**king Residents with these weird-ass eyeball faces?"

The band also has a handful of gigs coming up in August, including a free concert with Real Estate at Pier 54 in New York as part of River Rocks on August 12.

Deerhunter Tour Dates

August 10 - Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA

August 12 - River Rocks on Pier 54, New York, NY

August 13 - Royale Nightclub, Boston, MA

August 14 - Pearl Street, Northampton, MA


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