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SXSW 2010 Blog: Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak

 Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner of the excellent duo Wye Oak were nice enough to blog about their SXSW experiences to The Alternate Side (and we'll have more from them later this week and next). Wye Oak's brand new EP My Neighbor/My Creator is available now on Merge. Jenn sent us her blog via iPhone.

Hello internet,

Wednesday was my first full day at the South By Southwest Festival Experience Incorporated, and the very nice people at The Alternate Side asked me to tell you about it. Today I have done three things so far that were in some way extraordinary. The first is that I visited the fine grocery emporium Whole Foods, which we have back where I'm from in Baltimore, but yer Austin Whole Foodses make our Baltimore ones look like a Super Fresh that somebody took a dump on. Sub par. Anyway, this Whole Foods has kombucha on tap- three different flavors for your flavor seeking needs! I'll spare you the details but needless to say I bought a mega jar of that s**t.

Okay, so next we went to see our friends Titus Andronicus play in front of Waterloo Records. They are an excellent band. Here's a photo of them:

Lastly, we saw our labelmates the Radar Brothers play at Home Slice Pizza. We are playing here ourselves today, and I am glad, because their pizza is "off the chain", as they say.

So I guess we are having fun so far, okay? Okay. That's all.

- Jenn Wasner



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