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TAS In Session: Wild Beasts


Kendel, England. Known as the home of Kendal mint cake. And as a major producer of tobacco snuff. And now, as exporter of the indie rockers Wild Beasts. The band, who began playing together in their hometown of Kendel in their early teens, recently released their second studio album Two Dancers on Domino Records. It's an art-rock affair that finds the band exploring indie rock territory unfamiliar to most other bands. Hayden Thorpe's abrasive, falsetto vocals sometimes shriek loudly enough to break glass. His lyrics are sometimes hedonistic, occasionally outrageous and always provocative. The result is a unique and polarizing (in an Antony & The Johnsons kind of way) album that has quickly found a cult following in the indie rock community.

The album is getting plenty of airplay these days on The Alternate Side, and in our offices. So you can imagine our excitement when Wild Beasts came all the way from Kendel to our WFUV/Alternate Side studios in Keating Hall. Enjoy the performance!

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